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Unscrew the dagger handle to reveal the pouring spout

A video to demonstrate the 'blade' series

Hotspur LEAF is a spirits company based in Alnwick, Northumberland. We specialise in premium quality, laser engraved & thermo printed bottles and premium spirits that are designed to enhance your regiment or brand. All of our designs are heavily protected in all major territories. 


Some of our key USP’s:


- Fully laser engraved Bottles (and bespoke packaging if required) We are the only company in the world offering this. 

- Thermo printing also available.

- Full design service available.

- Each element of the bottle is hand painted.

- Can be personalised / numbered.

- Design can be amended to suit specific events, etc. 

- Can contain any of the following - Premium quality Gin, Whisky, Rum, Vodka & Port. 

- Our production is based in the UK. 

- Low MOQ’s.

- In-house 4K marketing videos with brand animations to help you sell.

- Fulfillment to the consumer if required.


We have earned a reputation for our low MOQ’s, innovation & unique targeted products that sell. Whether luxury limited editions or premium FMCG lines, we can provide what you are looking for. 


No project is too large or too small, if you have an idea, we want to hear it. We thrive on working with companies and organisations that want to drive their business forward with ground breaking products. 


We are trusted by some of the most well known brands in the world. Where appropriate total discretion is assured on sensitive brands and projects. 


The contents of our bottles match the quality of our packaging. We work with select key suppliers to bring you the best spirits and port available. 

If you have an idea you would like to explore, or any questions that this website does not answer, please drop us a line at


We look forward to hearing from you!

Scarlets Gin.jpg
30 commando Rum.jpg
40 Commando port.jpg
Celtic collection Gin.jpg
AUDI Gin.jpg
British Airways Gin.jpg
Compass Gin.jpg
Wrexham King Charles.jpg
CLR gin.jpg
Cookie Jar port.jpg
GE gin.jpg
Bremont Gin.jpg
CWD gin.jpg
Dragons RFC Gin.jpg
Beadnell Gin.jpg
Cardiff City FC Gin.jpg
Gloucester Gin.jpg
Dragoon Guards gin.jpg
Fallow gin.jpg
Firebox Gin.jpg
Land Rover Gin.jpg
PHS Gin.jpg
Grove Gin.jpg
Hadrians Gin Concept.jpg
LRDG Gin.jpg
LFC Gin.jpg
MoonPig Gin.jpg
RM falk Gin.jpg
Porsche Gin.jpg
Sappers falk port.jpg
Roe gin.jpg
Tower of london port.jpg
Rotherham gin.jpg
601 sqn gin.jpg
Ospreys Gin.jpg
Invictus Port.jpg
RM shop Thermo gin.jpg
Sika Gin.jpg
RN falk gin.jpg
Mercedes Gin.jpg
Paras Falklands gin.jpg
Red deer gin.jpg
Swansea AFC Gin.jpg
Trout and Salmon gin.jpg
Voco Gin.jpg
Hedgehog gin.jpg
Hills Gin.jpg
Hugh James Gin.jpg
42 commando rum.jpg
Admiral Gin.jpg
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