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Quick, simple & easy, no minimum order quantity & personalise all of the products.
If you run a shop or could use our products, but don't have the infrastructure to hold all of the stock then a bespoke built  VPRI may be for you.

       KEY FACTS

-    Low set up costs & designed to suit your unit/regiment with all appropriate artwork.

-    Agreed % of every sale returned to the Regiment/Unit/Regimental Charity.

-    No monthly fees. % of sales to Sqn/regt/charity funds each month.

-    All products can be personalised very easily.

-    Business, Regiment, Company and Sqn logos & Insignia can be added to suit.

-    Quick turnaround.

-    Can be password protected for OPSEC.

-    Easy to use.

-    Great fund generator.

-    No stock holding.

-    Quick delivery, direct to the specified address.

-    Marketing assistance & promotional videos.

-    Blade series bottles can be added if applicable.

-    Stock can be pre paid, with discounts, and called off and personalised as required.

-    Please head to to see how it all works.

We provide VPRI's for a few different types of customers. Most of our customers are military, but more recently we have set up one for England Golf & a few for corporate gifting. Please take a look at to see the format that we offer. Please CLICK HERE to contact us if you have any questions. 

Please click the video to play an example of how the VPRI system works. 

Please click video to play for an overview / example of a VPRI & Promo video

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